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    Mutated Nation Nutrition is part of Mutated Nation Group – Our main subdivisions include: Fashion, Entertainment & Media, Sports Nutrition, Jewellery and Cosmetics. In 2011 Mutated Nation Nutrition began research and development in Madison Heights, Michigan, USA. Due to high demand, we moved all our facility to New York in early 2012 in order to provide more advanced research and efficient production. Mutated Nation Nutrition was the first Sports Nutrition laboratories to be developed in New York in early 2012.


    The truth is here…

    Every day, you see endless amount of advertising through billboards, magazines, and TV by the pharmaceutical and quasi nutrition industry? These campaigns all attempt to promote a particular product, with a generic formula, usually involving attractive people enjoying themselves in beautiful environments. Most of the time these products appear grossly expensive, yet pharmaceutical companies do their best to prove how valuable these products are and that you get what you pay for – “By purchasing these quality and revolutionary products you not are not only making an amazing purchase but funding further ‘Innovative’ research and development, so do not hesitate and buy it now!” How can you be sure? In this day and age it is smart to be sceptical. What you can be sure about is the first part, these health products are indeed expensive and are only increasing dramatically. But what about the rest? Mutated Nation Nutrition team includes the some of the most experienced pharmacists from New York and Michigan. Many have complete numerous projects, particularly related to formulation of medicines, dosage form analysis, design and modify dosing programmes for trauma patients over the course of 9 years. However, the most valuable trait that our professionals have through all these years is the work ethic and desire to improve human health through innovative products and research. What really bothers us the most is that over the past 20 years, the pharmaceutical industry has ventured far from its original purpose of discovering and producing useful new drugs to aid the public. Now their primary goal is to sell products with over hyped marketing instead of focusing on the quality and effectiveness of products. Mutated Nation Nutrition is one of the first High-Performance Sports Nutrition companies where the main focus is creating effective products designed for fast results and enhancing daily performance.


    Read this carefully

    There are three main types of companies in the health industry:

    Companies that produce health products with multi purposes, for example:
    Energy boosting, skin improving and fat reducing etc. These companies employ large amounts of marketing hype and little else, in reality, it is impossible to produce a health product that can promote multiple facets at the same time. The less focused the product, the less effective the product.
    Companies that produce and market contradicting health products.

    For example: a product that claims to burn fat but tastes great because it contains 11 grams of sugar per serve. What is the point of a fat-burning product with 11 grams of sugar a serve? We understand sugar makes it palatable, but having sugar in a weight loss product, would defeat the purpose the product is supposedly attempting to support. Mutated Nation Nutrition guarantees that all of our products have been developed using the most advanced flavouring ingredients that provide a delicious taste with minimal calories!

    Companies that use low quality ingredients: The most common false practice is when companies use cheaper ingredients to reduce the basic costs and increase their profit margins. The most recent scandal has been the “Amino Acid Spiking” practice that many may have heard of. Amino acid spiking is essentially the practise of putting high amounts of the cheapest, least bio-available, amino acids into the powder to cut costs whilst keeping the total protein content on the product label high. This means that you’re not getting a complete protein source when it comes to supporting muscle repair. For example you may think you are ingesting 30 grams of high quality protein per serve, when in reality you are only getting 15 grams of true bio-available because of the cheaper and less effective ingredients used.

  • It is your body, you decide whether you have a cheaper body with less efficient performance requirements or do you have a quality body that requires effective support. When you purchase a Mutated Nation Nutrition product you are getting value for your money by receiving a truly effective and quality product, you are also supporting a company that is being honest with you from the beginning


    At Mutated Nation Nutrition, we do not produce products that serve multiple purposes like many companies. We focuses on 3 primary goals:


    All of our natural leaning products, especially our leading super vitamin complex (Hybrid Tea®) use the most effective digestive enzymes compounds and vitamin blends that are proven to give you maximum detox and fat loss. For this we only use high quality and effective ingredients such as Japanese Gyoguro Tea Extract and Vitamin B complex.

  • 2 FAT LOSS

    Each of our muscle support products, including our leading testosterone enhancer (Anavadriol®) provide your muscles with the some of the most advanced ingredients to increase natural testosterone production, decrease stress levels and improve overall muscle tone. Our testosterone products use innovative ingredients like Acacetin and Fenugreek Extract to name a few; these ingredients are extremely rare and effective compared to aged testosterone boosters such as Tribulus Terrestris.


    Our leading fat burner (AlbutarexV2®) supports fat reduction in your stubborn body parts. Sexy, and toned are just a few words that people will use to describe your new look. Our weight loss products are innovative in the way they approach fat loss. Instead of using one pathway or ingredient that is easily adapted to by the body during lipolysis (fat breakdown) or thermogenesis (fat burning) called is called homeostasis; AlbutarexV2® uses multiple pathways to allow your body to enter a state of continual maximal fat burning. AlbutarexV2® turns on the fat burning biology and keeps you in a fat burning state. The most effective and innovative, scientifically engineered fat loss formula we have formulated to boost your metabolism, heighten energy levels and improve mental focus. Every serving breaks down fats and carbohydrates, which makes your daily activities even more effective.