• Extensive research, development and engineering


    In sync with the evolution of Bio-technologies, Mutated Nation™ Inc was born to create an ultimate revolution in the global sports nutrition industry. Extensive research, development and engineering fuel each invention to guarantee you the most effective products ever created. Every single compound in our formulas is thoroughly developed and tested with the most accurate methods to guarantee maximum efficiency. All raw materials are obtained from the best available source in the world which has highest quality, purity and potency to deliver the finest result and health benefits. In over ten years, peer-reviewed scientific studies have been performed on our products by major universities abroad and in the United States.

  • The common denominator has been that when raw materials in our product compounds are meticulously formulated and dosed, they will provide extreme performance enhancement of increased strength and recovery. The tasks for the universities were to measure human volunteer subjects specifically dosed with different supplements from the same category, and then to test and evaluate absorption in the bloodstream. For the first time in 10 years, formal academic bio-chemical research and using standard FDA testing methods conducted clear results. The tests showed convincing evidence of a significant improvement in plasma uptake and physical performance in all Mutated Nation ™ products.

    Each and every lot of our products is manufactured in our own state of the art facility that exceeds all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) to ensure that our products are the purest, freshest, safest and most potent products available. This uncompromising quality and production control is used to guarantee products that deliver upon marketing and label claims. As a global leader in nutritional formulation, our dynamic and experienced team of scientists, formulators, and product managers has the expertise to take our initial scientific research and development all the way to precise formulation and product fulfillment via Five Phases:

  • PHASE 1

    In Phase 1, Mutated Nation scientists first conduct a scientifically accurate assessment of human physiology factors related to the targeted mechanisms of action to understand the exact pathways and controlling factors for ingredient and formula design. During Phase 1, a medical model depicting the metabolic pathways, genomics, physiology, endocrinology, metabolomics, morphology, anatomy and other related bio-factors is created to clearly identify the core requirements.

  • PHASE 2

    Next in Phase 2, Mutated Nation scientists then conducted an extensive search and evaluation of the bio-active candidate ingredient(s), including reviewing the research conducted in Phase 1, the Bio-Functionality, and the Pharmacokinetics. The Pharmacokinetics include digestion, bioavailability, absorption, metabolism, bio-effectiveness, and duration of action in the body.

  • PHASE 3

    After Phase 2, Mutated Nation scientists make final formula ingredient selection and necessary dose range determinations to achieve the desired effect in Phase 3. They then evaluate the technologies needed to effectively deliver the required dosage.

  • PHASE 4

    During Phase 4, Mutated Nation scientists then conduct the fourth product development phase. This entails developing the needed product ingredient molecular structure modifications and dosage technology to achieve the highest stability and bio-effective delivery of select bioactive ingredients. Certain ingredients may require slight modification through advanced molecular alteration or be administered via special oral delivery systems. For example, Mutated Nation scientists develop the FastSorb Sub-Buccal delivery system and bioactive stabilization techniques that prevent degradation, which greatly increase the potency and speed of absorption in our latest version of Albutarex V2

  • PHASE 5

    In Phase 5, the research efficacy validation is the final development stage. Mutated Nation products are subjected to extensive final research evaluation to confirm that each product delivers on its performance goals. Mutated Nation™ Inc has created some of the most innovative products in the sports science industry. Product innovations such as pharmadynamic nutraceutical hormone manipulation – Anavadriol™