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The Vision

We are fully aware that, nowadays, consumers are surrounded by products clamoring for their attention. Designers add more and more details in the misguided attempt to stand out from competitors. What most companies do not realize that more details make products forgettable. It sounds counterintuitive, but eliminating clutter actually makes a product stand out. The product is more elegant. And elegance is seductive.

Mutated Nation Group is proud to have a professional team of the most well-experienced designers from Paris creating nothing short of a masterpiece every time. Our goal is to combine sports and glamour to create a fit and elegant look for all our fashion series. This is a fairly ambitious challenge because it involves countless of hours creating a revolutionary concept that is a true piece of art, which is irresistibly seductive. A lot of competitors try to match Mutated Nation’s simplicity and elegance, but they often fall short because it takes courage to be innovative, especially if you decide to eliminate clutter in favor of creating a breakthrough design. We believe that design isn’t just about how things look. Design is also how things work. The experience must be unique, simple, elegant and unforgettable.

Mutated Nation Group has been one of the world's premier companies specializing in luxury fashion in mainstream active lifestyle. Our products are designed and created to revolutionize the world of fashion and inspire you to express your own style and creativity.

Unlike most companies, we believe in the ‘vision’ and not ‘mission statement’, a vision is much different from a mission statement. A mission statement describes what you make; a vision is how you will make the world a better place. We are striving to make this ‘vision’ a reality.
Every one of our products you hold in your hands is the latest extension of our commitment to innovation and effort to bring you the most unforgettable experience

“Connecting The World with Innovation” has been our ultimate philosophy since inception.

Let us fulfill your dreams.

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