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 Supplement Storing Instruction

Mutated Nation Supplements are most beneficial when their potency is at the highest, before the seal is ever broken. Once opened, they become extremely vulnerable. Depending on the conditions they are stored in, one could easily be degrading the quality and performance of the supplement.

  • Store supplements in a cool dry place, away from heat, moisture and direct light
  • Keep supplements vitamins and other dietary supplements in their original containers – you'll know what they are, how to take them and their 'best before' date
  • Unless otherwise instructed, do not store supplements or other dietary supplements in the fridge
  • Do not store supplements near the kitchen sink or in the bathroom (sources of moisture)
  • Do not store them near the oven, near radiators or in a car (sources of heat)
  • Do not store supplements near a window, a source of direct light
  • Do not use supplements after their 'best before' date.
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